Services We Provide
PT Consultants, Inc. is a full service environmental consulting and contracting
firm.  PT provides services throughout the northeast.  PT's main office is located in
Bellmawr, New Jersey.  Services provided by PT include the following:
Phase I and Preliminary Assessments
Phase II and Site Investigations
Tank Removals
Soil and Waste Disposal
Soil and Groundwater Remediation Design
and Construction
Indoor Air Quality Testing
Mold Abatement Oversight
Asbestos Abatement Oversight
Pesticide Soil Mixing
Brownfields Redevelopment
Noise Surveys
EMF Surveys
Carbon Monoxide/Carbon Dioxide Monitoring
PT Consultants understands the time and business factors that are involved in
transactions.  PT has the knowledge and skills to move properties quickly through
the regulatory requirements in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland and bring
the real estate deal to closing.  For more information regarding PT's services,
contact either Tom Brady or Paul Moscatello at (856) 251-9980.  Or e-mail us at or
UST Removal
Asbestos Removal Oversight
In-situ Mixing of Pesticide Impacted Soils
PT Consultants, Inc.

560 Benigno Boulevard
Bellmawr, New Jersey 08031
(856) 251-9980/Fax (856) 251-9981

121 West 27th Street, Suite 1004
New York, New York 10001
(917) 338-3086
PT Consultants, Inc.